At Riley's Sausage, we have a wide variety of sausage flavours. From a Prime Pork to a more adventurous Stilton & Asparagus sausage.

All our sausage are made with the best cuts of meat and the finest tasting seasonings. We can fill our sausage into different types of casings to meet your individual needs, a butcher's style sheep & hog skin, linked up by hand is our most popular. We also have the machinery and capability to produce a collagen cased sausage to create a more uniform look and accurate weight.

Many packaging options are available from retail packs which can be branded and barcoded to create a shelf ready package, to 25 kilo containers for wholesale customers. Catering packs are readily available, frozen from our wide range of stock in 5lb trays or 10lb boxes.

Please request a current price list by phoning our office or send us an email and we will make sure you get the correct pricing for your business type.